Friday, November 27, 2015

…So my Granddaughter has a sticker on her laptop (that seems to be the cool thing to do at her school-put stickers on your laptop) that says, “I heart Bacon”. She’s twelve years old so I said, “Why do you love bacon?” She said, “For various reasons.” And then she proceeded to reel off at least 10 comments…"It’s good any time of the day. It’s good crispy and it’s good when it’s flimsy. It goes with everything. It’s very, very juicy. The fat is very good. It goes with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s good hot or cold. It’s good dipped in chocolate. It makes great bumper stickers." She could have kept going. Remember when you were a kid and life was so much less complicated? Yeah, me too. Life is filled with so many twists and turns. Life may have thrown you a curve. Maybe you struggle with an addiction or have a family member who is terminally ill. Or you have a child that continually disappoints you. Maybe your money always seems to run out before the end of the month and you never seem to get ahead. Maybe you feel the weight of loneliness or depression. Maybe you have been watching the news all weekend and the problems at home and abroad the senseless killings and murders happening all around the world and at home make you feel like the world is a very dangerous and scary place. It doesn’t take much for life to become overwhelming-out of control. Jesus talked a lot about having the faith of a child. I think he was talking about the simple trust that somehow comes when we keep the main thing the main thing-when we major on the majors and not the minors. When we give up on the worries that weigh us down and allow God to be God and we let Him regain control of our lives. Doesn’t really matter how bad life gets, I get thru the tough times best when I remember that God is God and I am not. How about you? If you’re looking, there’s always Hope!

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