Friday, November 16, 2007

Let The Discussion Begin

Within the next few days many of you will be receiving advance copies of my book, Rethinking Reason. It is really simply questions I've been asking myself the last few years. Some of my thoughts may make you uncomfortable. I think a dialogue is the best way to think through new thoughts.

What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Can you post some of the book here so we can read it?

Anonymous said...

Wow! How exciting is this for Hope Church members. Our own Craig Strickland has written a new book to continue doing what he does best - reaching out to those who may have not had the complete joy of hearing him preach. I am so proud and honored to say I'm a member of Hope Church and I always tell others that I need my weekly dose of Craig to get the new week started off right. Congratulations! May your book be an extension to others in the family of faith and perhaps, to those who don't have or know the family of faith.

Craig said...

I just heard from the Publisher that a few cases of books are shipping this week. So I hope to mail signed copies to those who have prepurchased the book by the first of next week!

As far as posting some of the book, let me just repeat a few of the questions rolling around in my mind which led me to right the book.

Why is it, that every church you attend, you get the impression that the pastor believes he is the only one in the world that knows 'The Truth'? And if that question is accurate, wouldn't it mean that every other pastor in the world would at least have to be partially wrong? There are thousands of denominations because church leaders keep disagreeing and starting new churches for people who share their convictions. What would happen if pastors and church leaders conceded that although we sincerely believe we are right, maybe (by sheer common sense)we're not?

What if regular people admitted that although sincere in their beliefs, some of their beliefs might be wrong? How would that effect your relationships?

Those are a few of the question I am wrestling with in the book!